Insulated Sandwich Doors

Regardless of your specific application, Southeast Door Technologies offers a premium insulated door product guaranteed to deliver years of dependable operation.

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Our micro-grooved sandwich models are constructed in a variety of gauges and are available in both polyurethane and polystyrene insulation options for those applications that demand the best in thermal efficiency and value. And, if you’re looking to enhance your buildings aesthetics, our sandwich doors are available powder coated in over 188 different colors!


Model Gauge Max Size Insulation / R-Value Colors
3206 28 gauge 18’2″ x 16’0″ Polyurethane
R-Value 13.68
3212 20 gauge front / 27 gauge back 24’2″ x 16’0″ Polyurethane
R-Value 17.54
White, Powder coat
3216 26 gauge front / 27 gauge back 32’2″ x 20’0″ Polyurethane
R-Value 17.54
White, Almond, Sandstone, Brown, Powder coat
3285 26 gauge front / 27 gauge back 28’2″ x 20’0″ Polystyrene
R-Value 10.29
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