3212: Microgrooved Polyurethane Sandwich

Polyurethane Insulated Sandwich, 20 gauge

Constructed to provide dependable protection from the elements, these garage doors are designed to handle the most rugged commercial applications.


Model 3212 insulated sandwich doors are feature-rich to meet your design and

performance requirements with a thermally-broken urethane core, encased in a 20-gauge steel front skin and a 27-gauge back, creating our strongest overhead door. When coupled with this door’s high R-value, you have a premium door available for toughness and environmental friendliness. The steel skins, track, and hardware are all 100% recyclable post-consumer, and the insulating qualities of this door conserve energy making our urethane core doors the right choice to help achieve your sustainable buildings project goals

Section Construction

  • 2″ Thick Sections
  • 20 gauge steel exterior / 27 gauge steel interior
  • CFC-free Polyurethane-filled sandwich construction – R-Value 17.54**
  • Four evenly spaced micro-grooves run horizontally across each section
  • Thermally-broken to eliminate thermal conduction
  • Gasket seal between sections provide for an extremely tight weather-seal


  • Max standard size 24’2″ wide x 16′ high

Colors / Appearance

  • White
  • Stock RAL powder-coat option in 188 colors
  • Accent Logos is available as an option for interior and exterior applications
  • Accents Planks is available as an option in cedar, mahogany, light oak and dark oak
  • Various accessories and options available.

**R-Values have been calculated in accordance with ASTM C518 standards



  • Features four evenly spaced micro-grooves that run horizontally across each section
  • 20-gauge commercial quality steel exterior & 27 gauge interior skins
  • Thermally-broken to eliminate thermal conduction
  • Gasket seal between sections provide for an extremely tight weather-seal
  • Concealed steel back-up plates run from top to bottom of each section for secure hardware attachment
  • Bottom “U” type astragal is a standard feature


  • Foamed-in-place CFC free polyurethane core permanently bonds the 20-gauge exterior and 27-gauge interior steel skins to form a rigid homogeneous section
  • R value 17.54 (R-value Testing is in accordance with ASTM C518 standards)
20-gauge steel exterior with horizontal micro-grooves
 Polyurethane Insulation
 Thermal Break


  • Max width 24’2” x 16’ high (Contact Factory for larger sizes)
Colors / Finish:
 White Exterior
 Optional Colors include RAL powder-coat in 188

Panel Configurations:

  • 18″, 21″ or 24″ high by width of door



  • Complete the look of your door with the color and style of Accents.
  • Accent Logos is available as an option for interior and exterior applications
  • Accents Planks is available as an option in cedar, mahogany, light oak and dark oak


Track Configuration:

  • Tracks are 2′ or 3′, as specified
  • 12″ radius, 15″ radius
  • Normal Headroom, Low Headroom, Vertical Lift, High Lift, Incline
  • 20″ & 32″ radius (2″ track & up to 10′ high doors only)

Normal Headroom / Standard Lift View>>



Low Headroom: Front Mount View>>



Low Headroom: Rear Mount View>>


Vertical Lift View>>


High Lift View>>



Incline View>>



Mounting Options:

  • Bracket Mount (leg out), Clip Angle Track, Continuous Angle Track

Bracket Mount View>>




Clip Angle Track View>>




Continuous Angle Track View>>


Reverse Angle Mount View>>
Available for Clip Angle & Continuous Angle Track


Track Gauge:

  • 2″ Tracks – up to 8′-0″ high = 17 gauge roll-formed galvanized steel
  • 2″ Tracks – 8′-0″ 10′-0″ = 16 gauge
  • 2″ Tracks – over 10′-0″ = 14 gauge
  • 3″ Tracks – 12 gauge



  • 14-gauge hinges, as specified



  • 2″ or 3″ long-stem or short-stem steel ball bearings rollers

2-inch, 3-inch Steel Rollers


  • Top fixtures (min. 12 gauge)
  • Bottom fixtures (min. 13 gauge)


Single or Double Edge Endstiles:



Counterbalance System (Springs)

  • Oil tempered torsion springs are mounted on a cross-header shaft supported by galvanized steel ball breaking end plates and center bracket(s)
  • Springs are calculated for exact door weight, size and trajectory in accordance with ANSI 102 standards for a minimum of 10,000 cycles
    NOTE: May be specified for higher cycles when available
  • Counterbalance is transferred through galvanized aircraft quality cables secured to bottom of the door
Above, Torsion/Spring Assembly with Four Spring Layout, Standard Headroom



  • Manual Operation
  • Motor Operation: Trolley or Jackshaft
  • Chain Hoist Operation
Jackshaft Operation
Trolley Operation


Optional Lites / Windows

  • 24″ x 6″, 24″ x 12″, or 34″x 16″ lites with 1″ insulated glass (Clear, Tempered or Tinted)
  • Optional Aluminum Full View Frame to match size and panel layout of steel section
    (Optional open for field glazing, 1/8″ DSB, 1/8″ polycarbonate, 1/8″ tempered glass, 1/4″ tempered glass, 1/2″ insulated glass or 1/2″ tempered insulated)
  • Special glass options available. Contact factory for details.
24″ x 12″ (shown is 24″ section height)
24″ x 6″ (shown is 24″ section height)
34″ x 16″ (shown is 24″ section height)
Full View Aluminum Frame


Doors are available with a variety of Specialty Options for specific installation needs. Contact Factory for additional options.

Swing-Up Sectional PostA perfect answer for openings that are too large for a single overhead door that must accommodate large machinery or equipment on an infrequent basis. Operating on a single pivot point that is designed to swing left or right, it allows the use of one (1) smaller door for everyday requirements and the full opening when needed. See video.


Pass Doors Whether it’s for convenience or necessity, there are circumstances where a pass-through door is requested to provide ingress and egress in an overhead door enclosed opening without having to open the overhead door. C.H.I. can accommodate this need with a state-of-the-art design pass-door option. Available in our urethane core models 3216 and 3212, it’s the ideal choice to solve this need.

pass-door-closed pass-door-open

Header & Jamb Seals Seal the perimeter of the opening to provide additional air infiltration and thermal protection.



Wind can be unpredictable and destructive. This is why C.H.I. Windbreaker Series and iSeries doors are designed, tested, and built to the most rugged specifications. Wind chamber tested to ensure windload resistance, these extra-sturdy designs provide enhanced defense against the elements.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors developed the resilient Windbreaker Series garage doors to protect against high wind conditions. The super-resilient C.H.I. iSeries Impact Approved doors have strength designed to withstand direct collision of projectiles and other windborne debris at high speeds.

chi-impact2-clr-outlines windbreaker-logo

Additional Windload Information:
Navigating the complex windload codes and compliances can be a daunting task. C.H.I. sales associated and distributors are able to help you understand the specific codes governing your geographic area. For additional information, these websites offer a great deal of information.


Technical Data Sheets:

  • TDS #168 – Wind Loads on Garage Doors – FAQ
  • TDS #177 – Application of Kd Factor To Garage Door Wind Load Determination Using ASCE 7
  • TDS #178 -Garage Door Wind Load Determination – Effective Wind Area
  • TDS #180 – Wind Load Ratings for Non-Tested Garage Door and Rolling Door Sizes
  • TDS #181 -General Code Inspection Guidelines For Wind Load Rated Garage Doors
florida-building-code tdi-logo
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