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Model Options

Models: 3295, 3297. 

Ask about the Full-View Aluminum Sections w/ same stile placements as 3240 and 3285. (3290,3291)

Glass Options

Available Glass Options: 

1/8″ Standard DSB, 1/8″ Tinted DSB, 1/8″ Polycarbonate, 1/8″ Tempered, 1/8″ Tempered Tinted, 1/8″ Frosted, 1/4″ Tempered, 1/4″ Tempered Tinted, 1/4″ Tempered Frosted, 1/4″ Clear Laminated, 1/4″ White Laminated, 1/2″ Insulated, 1/2″ Tinted Insulated, 1/2″ Frosted Insulated, 1/2″ Low E Insulated, 1/2″ Tempered Tinted Insulated, 1/2″ Tempered Frosted Insulated, and 10 mm Triple Poly Insulated. 

Color Options

Full-View Aluminum doors come standard with an anodized aluminum finish. The colors White, Almond, Sandstone, Brown, Bronze, Dark Bronze, Gray, Desert Tan, and Black are standard powder-coated colors that are available at an extra cost. Options for RAL powder-coating available at an additional cost (more expensive than standard powder coating options).  

Clear Anodized Aluminum

Standard Powder-Coating Options




Desert Tan



Dark Bronze



RAL Powder-Coating Options

Hardware Package Options

Available options to powder-coat hardware. 

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